Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday 15th March: Studio Africa vs. Diesel = Margot Bowman's "SeeSaw" digital interactive installation

Margot Bowman is challenging behaviour patterns of how we engage with our hand-held devices by getting us to take a break from scrolling social media interfaces and actually interacting with it.  For her Studio Africa installation at the flagship Diesel store she has set up illustrated posters with an embedded QR code to scan and discover the creative talent involved in the project.  She asked the artists to record footage from their favourite place and favourite activity for insight into their personal experience of South Africa to illustrate the inner cosmos of their own worlds within the country.  The programme named "See-Saw" guides you thru these excerpts by instructing you to physically turn your phone clockwise to open each link / door to the next chapter.  Therefore, when you visit her iridescent spectrum glazed glasshouse you will encounter shoppers twisting and turning their phones watching live recordings (e.g  drummers jamming at a house in Amiens, in Northern France to a tree house in the old colonial capital of Côte d'Ivoire) ............ rather than a typical scene of glazed expressions flicking thru Facebook interface.  
Today is the final chance to catch it in-store but anyone can have a go by visiting the website here and scanning the QR codes (firstly download a QR reader to your phone!).  Get involved and enter the "See-Saw" domain to dig deeper into Studio Africa.........

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