Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tues 30th April: Boiler Room Make Session w/ T-Shirt Party

Last night Boiler Room teamed up with long term friends T-Shirt Party for their latest Red Stripe Make Session. The one-off space was transformed into an actual T-Shirt Party party with an exhibition of archive designs, as a backdrop to live performances and DJ sets from Portico QuartetFactory Floor, One Little Indian's Stubborn Heart , Brownwood's Anushka and NTS / ALT? 's CKTRL.  The first 200 guests to arrive were gifted a special edition T-Shirt to mark the occasion - which came in this amazing heart shaped box which was hand-made and embossed for them in the UK!  Not satisfied with this treat, the audience had pulled down and pinched every single t-shirt hanging on the wall by the end of the night - which was only to be expected with these coveted classics!!  Head over to the site to see more styles.

If you missed the live stream see Anushka's killer set below with vocalist Victoria Port sparkling in some of my silver pieces.  ^.^

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