Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday 5th April: Gemma Tickle & Bruno Drummond for NIKE AIR MAX REINVENTED

Nike celebrated the 25th birthday of their Air Max innovation, inviting 5 London based creatives to reinvent Air Max models including the partnership of set designer / photographer Gemma Tickle and Bruno Drummond.  The duo were asked to come up with something relating the Air Max 90 to the early 90s rave scene.  This led them to researching rave flyer artwork and the common theme of one-point perspective, futuristic grids and levitating elements.  To translate this medium they used the panelled 2D shapes and extruded them with a grid as a 'forced perspective' to create the optical illusion of a vast futuristic space.  The final image has a hyperreal quality which was actually achieved in camera, with the only retouching being removing the wire used for rigging and a little colour tweeking of the materials.  Here are Gemma's sketches, technical drawings and behind the scenes snaps which document the process which prepared the final slick graphic print. 
See how the complete exhibition looked here.
Follow Gemma's news at her site and follow Bruno at his Tumblr.

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