Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Weds 22nd May: COLOUR AND CULTURE - Cosmetics à La Carte

Last evening was the private view for a new beauty exhibition entitled "Colour and Culture" curated by Ryan Lanji, charting the 40 year history of Cosmetics à La  Carte.  The timeline is divided into four decade sections via a special interior design by Anna Lomax which has transformed the gallery specifically for the show.  Within the layout are sculptures by Alex Noble including these mannequin faces decorated with pearls and glitter or hand painted like this beautiful spectrum butterfly.  Illustrations decorate the walls and tear sheets of archive beauty editorials are pinned to mosaic posts.  The most ingenious part of the planning is the polka-dot lipstick logo rendered on the entrance wall with pink powder compacts set into carved holes. 
  COLOUR AND CULTURE is a celebration of the brand's founders Lynne Sanders and Christina Stewart who set up Cosmetics à La Carte with the manifesto “Find your look and be fabulous”.  Historically musicians Grace Jones and Debbie Harry have put this mantra into motion wearing bespoke products designed by Lynne Sanders at their Battersea laboratory in London.  Princess Diana even ordered the first nude lipstick in the 1980's.  All of these landmark moments in makeup are mapped out and on show at the Gallery Redchurch St in East London from May 21st -26th.

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