Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Tues 9th July: "From Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 80's" at The V&A

Invitation artwork of Scarlett Canon wearing BodyMap with beads by Judy Blame 

(can't remember?!)

Denim jacket 'BLITZ' by Levi Strauss & Co, customised Zandra Rhodes

Denim jacket 'BLITZ' by Levi Strauss & Co, customised by Bernstock Speirs and Leigh Bowery.

Jeffrey Hinton's film room

Leigh Bowery

(Can't remember  :  / )

Rachel Auburn

William Baker and I wearing Judy Blame

The sun shone down on the courtyard of the V&A Museum for the opening night of the new fashion galleries exhibition "From Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 80's". All the original crew of creatives were out in force to soak up the pride of having their scene and sartorial influlence recognised and celebrated by the establishment.  The kids who first met on the dance floors of The Blitz and Kinky Gerlinky are now household names who have established thier unique talents from Stephen Jones in milinery to Anthony Price in tailoring. The exhibition showcases the spectrum of these designers and iconic looks with thematic sections splitting the decade into common aesthetics.  BodyMap have a major section with a whole podium dedicated to thier genius patterned garms which you can attain for yourself via an exclusive t-shirt that David Holah and Stevie Stewart have developed specifically for the gift shop.  Its an incredible chance to see classic garments up close, such as the Leigh Bowery curby grip denim jacket and Christopher Nemeth sack jacket.  You can also watch Jeffrey Hinton's original footage filmed at the parties, fashion shows and dance performances which is edited and screened to show the atmostphere and vibe of the birthplace for this creative boom.  If your'e into the current revival of BOY London / Smiley style - this is the place to go to get educated on where and how it all came about.  Look up the schedule of events organised to coincide with the show, including talks with Dylan Jones and Bernstock Speirs

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