Monday 19 August 2013

Monday 19th Aug: "Bold Tendencies" 2013

Yesterday Rundemcrew made their first venture out onto the streets of London as "Bikedemcrew", wheeling out instead of running out!  I'm a sucker for a bike ride so I signed up for the adventure and safari of South London to find it's street art in Dulwich.  On our return journey we passed through Peckham and took a detour up to the top of the multi-storey carpark to visit the open air sculpture exhibition "Bold Tendencies".  We spiralled up the ramps to the top and the sun came out in perfect time to reflect off the tinsel banner by Ruth Proctor.   My favourite piece is this 1983 MB 123 series Mercedes installation by Jimmy Merris collaborating with Brian Shimkovitz from Awesome Tapes From Africa.  Each Thursday evening Jimmy will be at the show with the car open for anyone to join him in taking a seat to listen to the cassette selection to experience the joy of hanging out round car sound-stystems.  
In a slightly tenuous link, I have taken the opportunity to add in the new Afrikan Boy video here for your viewing pleasure............ which was recorded on the site of "Bold Tendencies" and who coincidentally was the second act in the double bill with "Awesome Tapes" at the Studio Africa event I hosted earlier in the year!  See that event here.

(Other works, top to bottom:  Franks Cafe by Practice Architecture, "I see you liking everything" by Ruth Proctor, "Bright" by Cecile B. Evans, "Transit of the megaliths" by Nicholas Brooks, "Awesome Tapes From Africa Mate by Jimmy Merris)

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