Saturday, 3 August 2013

Saturday 3rd August: BLOG TAKEOVER Ciara and Nicci - Saatchi Gallery in association with HUGO BOSS present 'Red Never Fol20ws'

 Felix Bonowski

 Bart Hess

Mark Jenkins

 Iepe Rubingh

Now showing in the Saatchi Gallery, Hugo Boss is celebrating its 20th year anniversary with Red Never Fol20ws. Bringing together a 20 of the most exciting urban creatives this exhibition is well worth a visit.

"The Saatchi Gallery has been a special projects partner with Hugo Boss UK for some time and we are thrilled to be working with them and the contemporary creatives involved to create this unique Hugo: Red Never Follows exhibition," said the brand's managing director, Bernd Hake. "It's the perfect cultural reflection of the Hugo 20th anniversary capsule collection which will debut in stores from early July. The Saatchi Gallery is a wonderful platform for these talented contributors to showcase their unique pieces and we look forward to seeing how guests visiting the exhibition react to their works."

There is a wide variety of work on show including video installation, sound, murals, projections, and sculpture. Each piece has been hand selected from artists situated all around the globe, work that encapsulate the spirit of the label. The show case coincides with the launch of a unique anniversary 20 piece collection from Boss.

A particular piece which really seemed to catch the imagination of visitors was an interactive projection by FelixBonowski. Participants were silhouetted on the wall and their movements affected the objects falling down on the projection. This is a really fun piece allowing you to generating cool shapes and fuzzy textures whilst interacting with the graphics.

Another piece we liked was 'Mutants' by Bart Hess, a video piece in collaboration with HeyHeyHey. shiny latex and an endless grid of tubes transform the human body into a mutant to great effect.

MarkJenkins sculpture 'cornered' Proved to be a powerful and slightly disturbing presence. A sculpture of a man with his head rammed into the corner of the room, we did a double take to register the image as it is just so convincingly human. 

Another wonderful video was 'Painting Reality' by Iepe Rubingh. This showed a group of people on bikes dumping buckets of paint on a busy junction in Berlin. A urban intervention where the cars unknowingly become painters moving the coloured paint in merging patterns, it was great to see so much colour in what would otherwise be grey space.

We would highly recommend a trip to visit the exhibition. There is such a wide variety of mediums and styles in Red Never Fol20ws, not to mention the interactive pieces which are a lot of fun, especially if you have some children to keep amused!

This has been another blog takeover by Ciara and Nicci from Fred Butler HQ.

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