Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tuesday 13th August: BLOG TAKEOVER Ciara and Nicci 'bargain hunting' with Bubble.

We headed down to Susie Bubble's 'grab a bargin' £1 yard sale on Saturday. Expecting a queue we arrived early and had breakfast there. By 10:30 there was a line of stylish girls halfway down the street which turned quite a few heads. The doors opened early at around 10.50 and the madness began! 

There were clothes laid out on the floor on top of a plastic sheet. From what we could see there were a mixture of vintage, high street and a couple of hidden designer gems. Everything was snapped up within 10 minutes; there was just no hope for any latecomers, it was every girl for herself.  

We managed to pick up a few cast offs as the crowd thinned but, if we're honest, we were not prepared for how fast the whole thing was. All in all, we were happy with what we got but next time the elbows will be out.

This has been a blog take over by Ciara and Nicci from Fred Butler HQ. 

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