Thursday 17 October 2013

Thursday 17th Oct: Frieze Art Fair London opening

Anna Murray and I made our annual outing to the Frieze Art Fair - for her to find patterns in place - for me to do surreptitious art-world people watching, whilst snapping the works on show.  It was a real diverse mix of styles this year and something for everyone, whatever appeals to you.  Whether or not it's art or not is up for debate and a question I had to answer for a roaming i-D film crew, headed up by presenter Lily McMenamy.  I kind of think it doesn't matter - if you like it enough to want it on your wall then that's the main purpose and function any art should fulfil.  For instance the Berta Fischer iridescent perspex giant twists are something Keely Hunter might put on a head, but judging by the reaction of "likes" on my instagram, this was the overwhelming favourited winning work.  Personally my fave too!! Alongside these historical Bauhaus pieces by Xanti Schawinsky who was apparently apprentice to Oscar Schlemmer (Broadway 1602).  Yum! 

17–20 October 2013 Regent's Park

 (Anna Murray snapped infront of Herald St Gallery's stand)

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