Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday 1st Nov: Kansai Yamamoto - Fashion In Motion at the V&A Museum

From seeing my absolute icon of Grace Jones on Wednesday night, I have just witnessed another of my most revered inspirations Kansai Yamamoto, who held a fashion show at the V&A Museum.  As a finale to the David Bowie exhibition, the institution staged an epic runway show including both the classic Bowie costumes and his latest current collections.  The new range is a kaleidoscope palette of spectrum colours and prism patterns in loose, baggy bombers and wrap-around billowing trousers.  Its all so effortlessly chic and cosmic at the same time, with kimono sleeve denim jackets encrusted in gold embroidery and back-packs with dangling talisman tassells.  My favourite piece was a beige workman's all-in-one which faded out into a dip-dyed rainbow down the leg.  The mix of leopard print, South American weave stripes, comic book cranes and neon trim was my complete dream look.  I want an entire wardrobe of it!!!!  As if I didn't already!?!
"In Japan the word BASARA means to dress freely, with a stylish extravagance. BASARA is the opposite of the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic, which is underplayed and modest; it is colourful and flamboyant and it lies at the heart of my design. I am excited to present this to at the V&A."
Congratulations to the V&A for hosting this incredible free event and props to Bacchus on the production.
( All images are a mix from the show, backstage and streetstyle of the audience)

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