Monday, 18 November 2013

Mon 18th Nov: Stocking Filler Sample Sale at Stunt Dolly

Saturday was a lush chance to spend a day catching up with Kitty Joseph, Keely Hunter and Diana Auria at our sample sale organised by super star curator Ryan Lanji, held at hair salon space Stunt Dolly.  Here are some different snaps from the day that I've pulled off our various Instagram feeds.  It was a great success, siren calling in all of our friends to pop down to say hello and pick up a spectrum swimsuit or glitter perspex headband and join our Autumn sausage barbecue in the garden!  We'll be doing it again so watch this space…………..


Lucy Ashford said...

LOVE all the crazy colours. How fun!! hd some flash backs of Lisa Frank for an instant...ah, nostalgia.

Check out my cool showcase!

AEKK Charms said...

These hats are awesome! Is that a naruto headband? Cool! Thanks for sharing!