Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thursday 28th Nov: Guest Post - Studiograbdown's Work Home Out

WORK | HOME | OUT A project comprised by Studiograbdown, currently situated at The Rose Lipman Building in Dalston. The space is only available to see until tomorrow and it's incredible, so hurry on down! Presented by Slashstroke, and The Mill Co.

The space is based around Studiograbdown's own personal encyclopaedia of imagery, including selfies and past events. These images are displayed as the first thing you see on entrance - as these were the basis of inspiration for the large scale installations curated by artist Eleanor Davies.

Each area allows you to experiment with your own photography, and disposable camera's which will create a narrative documenting peoples different reactions and experiences within the spaces.

An exhibit which allows the viewer to enter a world they know from an entirely new perspective. Entirely created on collaboration, which transports you from a world you recognise somewhere else. It's definitely a priority if you've got some spare time!

Words and Pictures By Charlie Minton - except last photo of Amy & Charlie by StudioGD

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