Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Thurs 5th Dec: SIBLING's Christmas Knitivity at Bistrotheque

Thanks to Sibling and their long time supporter Bistrotheque, we kicked off the festive season with our very first Christmas dinner. Complete with ALL the trimmings it came to a surprise final course ℅  a choir serenade of contemporary carols including a rendition of Katy Perry's "Roar".  Before we sat down to feast on the merry-making amazing meal, we congregated at the alter of the knitwear label's "Knitivity" installed atop the restaurant's grand piano.  Here you can see a detail of the immense woolly scene of shepherds, wise men and the family to which we annually honour, with baby J in his crochet manger.  I love the way the King's crowns are over-size, true to the brand's signature style and the sheep constructed of loops of fleece with a pom pom fringe - a perfect celebration of the animal to which they owe their trade!
As this was my first taste of Turkey for the season, no other subsequent Christmas dins will quite match up to Bistrotheque standards, so its game over in the anticipation stakes.  For starters (after pop-corn appetisers) we politely picked at Mackerel Pate with pickled cucumber, seared tuna and beat salad, charcuterie of cold meats and horseradish.  Then we tucked into the turkey roast accompanied with pears'n'parsnips, sprouts'n'chestnuts, and unapologeticly tasty bread sauce.  Pudding steamed in as a choice of two crumbly fruity or death by chocolate affairs with vanilla specked Crème anglaise.  For those who hadn't sunk enough bubbles along the way, the dijestif was a wake-up shot of Tequila and slice of sharp lime.  All consumed under a canopy of baubles seamed in festive knitted jumpers, it was altogether a trippy alternative to your regular pigs in blankets.  David Waddinton took over the Queen's speech slot by saying a few words of how the partnership with Sibling first came about and thanked the team for all their hard work since plans began in the summer…… and also for the genius title of "Knitivity".  
Thank you David, Cozette, Sid and Joe ……… may I say, a paper cracker crown has never looked so good as over a Westwood Mountain hat!

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