Thursday, 13 February 2014

Thurs 13th Feb: #DALSTONSCREENTESTS at Dalston Superstore & Stunt Dolly

Here are curators Ryan Lanji & Saskia Wickins at the first part of their duel site show "Dalston Screetests".  In true Warhol style, the films were projected in large psychedelic vignettes on the walls of the hair salon where the subjects had their hair done for the sitting.  Second stop on the private view safari was up the Kingsland Road to Dalston Superstore where screen-prints from the films are hung in the venue.  The portraits pulled by Cassandra Yap, are made with a mix of ink including mine which has glow-in-the- dark pigment and Thanasis's which has silver sparkle dust.  The show runs from February 12th - May 11th between both destinations of Dalston Superstore & Stunt Dolly.  If you're not a Dalston local, you can watch the films here .

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