Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thurs 27th March: Selfridges HTC One Skate Park

I often blog about events from the Old Selfridges Hotel site and the varying installations that transform the space but this might be the most radical to date!  The vast building has been converted into the UK's largest free indoor skate park!  The track is divided into settings inspired by existing iconic sites such as Southbank with the flooring and walls decked out in replica surfaces specific for the skate decks!!  Here are images from last evening's opening with different skate groups weaving in and out of each other, thru arches, up pipes, down hand rails and over waves of bumps.  There are even giant scale Selfridges props as ramps - a massive book, lipstick, sunglasses and the yellow paper carrier bag.  It's now open to the public with lessons for novices wishing to give it a go and learn some skillllllz - see here to book.  The concept store has also been given a skate theme overhaul with over 1000 world-exclusive boards on sale including fashion designer editions such as Rick Owens!
Check out the shop here.

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