Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Weds 24th October: "Gilbert & George SCAPEGOATING PICTURES for London" at White Cube

Whilst the knitwear exhibition opens at The Fashion & Textile Museum, it is the final week of "Gilbert & George - SCAPEGOATING PICTURES for London" just a few doors down Bermondsey Street at the White Cube gallery.  It's hilarious that the major visual theme of the show within the repeat tessellating patterns of the prints has come from the nitrous oxide pellets that litter the streets of Shoreditch.  I've noticed them because I have to dodge them when I'm cycling around.  I didn't think they would end up immortalised in this way!  But it makes sense that the bullet shaped canisters can represent flip-side different facets of the face of the East End!  I'ts true that Gilbert & George do walk from Fourneir Street up to the Mangal in Dalston because I see them and it's on this route that they have probably encountered these "whippets" left over from the weekends recreational use of gas balloons!!!

Final Week, 18 July – 28 September 2014, North Galleries & South Galleries, Bermondsey

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