Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tues 21st October: Alternative Miss World - "Neon Numbers"


Andrew Logan's "Alternative Miss World" comes around only once in a blue moon so when the chance arises its an extra big red ring in the diary for the months, if not years preceding it.  The previous pageant in 2009 held at The Roundhouse is one of the most memorable nights of my life and this year's 13th staging at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre was equally epic.  The three tier open-air auditorium was a buzzing hive of Queens in fluorescent yellow, hi-vis costume honouring this year's theme of "Neon Numbers".  Here is host Grayson Perry setting the ultraviolet tone in a spherical tulle pom-pom dress and latterly a floor length coat with a face pattern tufted from day-glow wool.  The Master / Mistress of ceremonies Andrew Logan wore his signature splice gender dress to play both Host and Hostess, twisting and turning from one side to the other.   Above you can see the feminine pleated side presenting the "swimwear" round - and YES that Octopus is actually a person which is just about evident from a pair of legs pocking out the bottom of the tentacles!   There was an inflatable trend this year with participants from all over the world including the Russian winner  "Miss Enigma" crowned on her cartoonesque blow-up barnet.  In the beginning I was sitting right up in the God's to have an aerial view of Jonny Woo opening the show but it wasn't long before I had to get down to the side of stage to start snapping the action.  The duration of the show is a long one with the amount of contestants, categories and of course changing of looks in-between.  Whilst the cabaret acts took over the breaks, I sat down with my studio mates Jessie Brinton, Margot Bowman and Kim Howells ........ and as it turned out Mario Testino.  No one in London misses this night out - it's the best celebration of embracing every conceivable concept of the human race as we know it.  Well done Michael and Andrew for pouring so much energy into pulling off another historical night to add to the legacy they started in 1972.  Long may it reign!!!!!!!!!!  
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