Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Wednesday 8th October: "LORENZO VITTURI: DALSTON ANATOMY" at The Photographer's Gallery

In that strange way of fate hitting at unexpected times, I first discovered "Dalston Anatomy" in Amsterdam this time last year at FOAM Gallery.  I had to go to another country to find what I missed right under my nose, working from a studio in Dalston!  DOH!
Then when I curated my exhibition at KKOutlet in February I was so chuffed to be able to include the limited edition beautiful wax cotton bound book in the shop.  Lorenzo Vitturi went on to win the Hyeres photography prize and has now landed a solo show at London's Photographer's Gallery.   The set designer-turned-photographer has turned the gallery into an all-encompassing 3D exhibition with sculpture integrated with the prints of his still-life and portraits.  Its immediately stunning, joyful and triumphant ............ and it's only on until the 19th Oct so not one to be missed if you haven't been already!!  With the whirlwind gentrification of Dalston's highstreet this is a CRUCIAL piece of documentary work to celebrate the community's hub and heartbeat of Ridley Road Market which needs to be acknowledged and honoured more than ever before.
Find out more at the gallery's site here .

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