Saturday, 20 December 2014

Saturday 20th Dec: "Simon Costin's Impossible Catwalk Shows" at Fashion Space Gallery

I have always been intrigued by Simon Costin's work for his crossover from accessory to set design, his epic art direction on runways with Alexander McQueen and in photography with Tim Walker ......... and more recently his work with his Museum of British Folklore.  The Fashion Space Gallery within the main Oxford Street campus of London College of Fashion just held a show to explore his vivid imagination via model sets of fictional concepts.  With no regular restrictions of production to consider he conjured up fantastical tableaus all presented as maquettes that you viewed thru peep holes into the miniature worlds.  His drawings and collages from sketchbooks were also on display which was the best bit for me as I love seeing artist's work in progress.  I recognised some of the photocopies from books out of the LCF library which is the most amazing resource to be able to trawl!  Next time you might be in central London remember to poke your head into the school to check out what free exhibition is on - all curated by Ligaya Salzar who has joined the programme from the V&A.

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