Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday 31st May: Safia El Dabi "Soft Sculpture" at The Depot

Congratulations Safia El Dabi on her solo show "Soft Sculpture" at the Depot Gallery where she deposited the fruits of her labour that have been stacking up in her studio over the last few months in preparation.  As she has sewn each one they have been stock-piling and filling up her work space so much that she said it feels empty now they've been re-homed.  Safia worked with Joseph Bond to curate the selection by splitting the sum of parts in two and laying out both ends independently.  Joe's favourite fruits and cubic cushions were of the poured pastel paint marbled variety.  Safia's side were the primary pigment brush stoke species.  In-between were some transparent PVC fabrications including the very centre oversize mountainous "Pretend Pineapple".   The mother of all pineapples!!!  A feat of engineering and harking back to the ginormous pineapple constructed from Kente fabric for The WProject.  Follow the evolution of Safia's morphing textile art via her Instagram here.    

See some shots of her work in progress in an archive post here.

Private view pineapple based catering courtesy of the Little Cooking Pot.

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