Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday 24th July: Nozinja / The Vinyl Factory at Station to Station, Barbican

For the record shop part of my exhibition at KKOutlet last year, we included Nozinja's debut album in the selection curated by Todd Hart.  So I have been aware of the South African Shangaan Electro producer for a while now and seen a performance at London's Elecrowerkz.  Now the second album has been released on Warp and is well timed with the Station To Station project at The Barbican Gallery.  For the last two days Nozinja has been resident in the gallery's temporary recording studio courtesy of The Vinyl Factory.  The rotating roster of artists for the month are taking turns to use the resource and turn the recordings into physical records for the gift shop.  Here is the onsite pressing plant where vinyl is patted into ball, squished between the grooved plates, cooled, trimmed, branded and boxed.  I felt like Charlie in The Chocolate Factory watching each stage and the mechanics of this original technique.  Its incredible how something so lo-fi produces the cleanest sounds.  As a vinyl collector I've always wanted to know how its done, so I feel pumped to have had the privilege to witness it first hand.  
Micachu was also in the recording studio with Nozinja and here she is with Tirzah supporting Nozinja's 100th live performance last night in the gallery.  The BPM (beats per minute) of this electro are actually faster than jungle so the dancers moves are like speed lightening and too fast to capture on camera............. or keep up with dancing yourself!!!  So, so good.  So fresh and fun, a must-see if you haven't already experienced the spectacle.

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