Saturday, 29 August 2015

Saturday 29th August: Notting Hill Carnival Mas Camp behind the scenes - Sunshine International Arts at C.A.F.E

From Wassiville in North London, down South to Brixton, my tour of London's Mas Camps took me to Sunshine International Arts.  This community arts centre is called C.A.F.E meaning "Carnival Arts For Everyone" which it offers as a working studio filled with memorabilia, doubling up as a museum of the culture.  Here are photos of these artefacts from a 13 year history of participating in Notting Hill Carnival and a couple of shots of this year's pieces under construction.  The large premises means that grand scale costumes can be constructed and for this year's "Oil Slick" theme there are towering oil rigs being assembled as vertical back packs.  As a member of the public you can attend workshops and learn how to make masks, headdresses, accessories and costumes.  You are also welcome to take part in their band at Carnival.  There were so many beutiful trimmings, I wanted to get involved but had to keep going on my journey .............. with a quick try on of this cosmic metallic rainbow rickrack shoulder piece!!!  

Find out more details on visiting the cafe for lunch and how to get on board with the band here.

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