Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Tuesday 22nd September: LFW SS16 - Mary Benson




The crystal jewel droplet sunglasses begin the floods of tears from head  down to toe in Mary Benson's broken-heartfelt  collection "letters from the darkest corners of my heart".  Blurry mascara from blowsy eyelashes turns into glinting foil makeup down cheeks, running into the applique print of Mary's signature style......................... signed off with the hand written scrawls of a love forelorn and scorned.  A baby doll dress with a Pierrot print on the front has "Your'e A Bastard" in bold on the back.  We've all been there, and now we can wear that heart on our sleeve and our head. Her words carried thru across cupid bow and tulle millinery by Stephen Jones, Perspex glasses by Tatty Devine and scented rubber shoes by Melissa.   As serendipity would have it, the London sky broke into a monumental downpour of rain so guests blotting black kohl eyes were comforted by the sight of this new season trend!  Bless up heartbreak, every cloud has a silver lining and her presentation of models in this paper cloud dream world are going to bring us a rainbow at the end of the storm. 

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