Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wednesday 2nd Sept: Notting Hill Carnival 2015 , Sound-Systems

Aside from the parade of Notting Hill Carnival are the 38 sound-systems set up around the route of W10 including Abi Shanti and Channel One which I headed to in the evenings.  Here I saw three generations of one family out together dancing in amongst the throng of the cross-generation crowd, all celebrating the exceptional spectacle.  "One Love" certainly applies at this end-of-summer blast which brings the whole city in unison, irrespective of any divide.  The music unites and has every single body bopping in time with smiles brimming and bubbling over the bass.

Hear 2 hours of sound-system tunes c/o WorkIt's Carnival special show on NTSLive with a little interview with me about the work of CAMF - here

(Pictures top to bottom:  Thanks to Peace, Love & Unity for my Kente bucket hat - pic by Alex Cunningham, Amira  McCarthy, Core On Tour squad,  spectrum hair streetstyle, Abi Shanti, Channel One, Iridescent boot street style, me keeping dry in the rain thanks to Miss. GoodWeather iridescent cape - pic by Naomi Edmondson, Rough Trade West on Talbot Road's fresh painted shutter of Jamie XX's album artwork "In Colour")  

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