Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Weds 13th July: Tony Hornecker at Block9, Glastonbury Festival

Each year within the Block 9 field at Glastonbury Festival, set designer Tony Hornecker  sets up home with a new construction.  Now that the NYC Downlow build has taken on a brand new design, Tony gathered the dismantled and surplus pieces to fabricate his own plot this year.  His pocket overlooks the crew bar Maceos with a balcony view onto the complete 24hr party.  But how do you get up to this VIP spot?......... thru the wardrobe doors under the canopy......... like Mr. Ben or some secret pass to a Narnia dimension sprung up on Worthy Farm ......... its the backstage to the backstage of the backstage......... one of my favourite things about the many hidden gems of this unique festival.

Folllow Tony's Pale Blue Door here.

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