Monday, 15 August 2016

Monday 15th August: Notting Hill Carnival Pioneers Community Festival

The man responsible for inviting local Jamaican sound-systems to take part in the Trinidadian carnival in Notting Hill, celebrated the events of 1973 with a community festival on the original grounds yesterday.  Lesley Palmer stood on Portobello Green and explained how the plot of land had been promised as public space when the residential area was replaced with the flyover road and train track.   Throughout the day he added to the story further by inviting acts up on stage to tell their own part in the legacy from Tony the Paddington Terror to the Rico All Stars.  Mangrove Steelband began the tributes to the recently departed pioneers with a set in remembrance to original "pan man" Russ Henderson and "mas man" Arthur Peters.  One of their percussionists was an 80 year-old lady who learnt how to play just the year before, which is an inspiration for proof that it's never too late!  All islands of the Caribbean were represented in the showcase dedicated to the music and artistic icons of Ladbroke Grove's diverse heritage.  This was neatly brought to a close at sunset by Gaz Rockin Blues singing ska and Sir Lloyd Coxsone spinning some classic reggae.  I finally tasted my first authentic Trini Roti and had a spectrum slush-puppy!!!  The sun shone down on us all day and Lesley professed that it was his favourite gig to date! 

Head over to the official London Notting Hill Carnival site for more info on the events of the Bank Holiday weekend and dowload the APP to navigate on the day. 

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