Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Tuesday 21st March: CMMNTY

I've discovered a brilliant new platform for finding direct access to international artist's work, like this Mr. Penfold t-shirt.  I've admired his graphic style for a long time and now there's a gallery to purchase limited edition t-shirts and prints like his.  He's part of an online collective community - "CMMNTY".  It's been set up with a socially conscious mission as an active enterprise to support homeless charities.  Artists have come together to join their creative output in order to make a difference.  5% of each sale goes to a network such as Emmaus who offer a stable home and work in the community for those who are suffering homelessness.  I'm not only pleased to discover this kind of revolutionary fundraising e-commerce but also glad to have learnt that this kind of charity exists.  Homelessness is evidently an escalating issue, present as soon as we walk down any street and I wonder how far away we all are from experiencing it.  I personally feel immensely effected with sadness on a daily basis and totally useless to help each individual case in my neighbourhood, especially living in a city as divided as London.  So its heartwarming that the artists of CMMNTY who feel the same way have invested their own time to engineering this scheme.
Head over to the site to see all of the names involved and check out the exclusive merchandise available.  T-shirts are ethical organic cotton and prints are on eco-friendly bamboo paper, produced with green energy.  See more on their Instagram here to find out about upcoming events and news.

(Thanks to Mitchell McGillvary for the photos, taken at The Science Museum in the new Zaha Hadid Mathematics Gallery)    

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