Monday, 3 April 2017

Monday 3rd April: Trinidad Carnival 2017 round-up

I'll sign off now from my reportage of Trinidad Carnival 2017. I'll return to it again with other people's photos.  But for now......... I've wrapped up the joy of all the colour and costumes that I encountered.  I've missed out a couple of things that I wasn't able to capture on film as I was having too much fun at the time.  One was the Soca concert hosted by Destra Garcia which featured guest performances by every soca star on the scene and was a secret line-up that kept bringing out the best and the best.  The other main event was the Jouvert carnival which starts at 4a.m til 8a.m to witness the sun rise and this incredible rainbow that appeared for us! 
The shot here which sums up the ridiculous amount of time I spent smiling, was from my first time following a truck soundsystem and getting used to the constant "one-two" shuffle step motion.  It's a move that I feel I have comfortably conquered now after days on the road, and I'm ready for more............. as soon as possible..............    

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