Saturday, 24 June 2017

Saturday 24th June: V&A Summer Party 2017

I compared the catering at last year's inaugural V&A Summer Party to the epic proportions in the saccharine scenes of Sophia Coppola's film Marie Antionette.  Its wasn't my memory fantasising, it was actually a real measure as I re-lived those moreish moments again this week at the 2nd annual event to support the Museum's collection.  
The Summer Solstice heatwave was the perfect balmy night to enjoy the open courtyard and water garden of the majestic museum. NAO played an acoustic set whilst we munched our way thru the buffet of beef wellington and handmade mouth-watering meringues 'n' marshmallows.  Harrods had prepared the feast with bars shaking up collins cocktails and popping fizz to keep flowing til the departing gesture of an espresso martini as a digestif.  
We made sure to get involved in the "photobooth" but this was like no other regular camera with props for special effects - this was a stage set like an artist's studio from the 1930's.  Actors were on hand posing as protagonists in an imaginary narrative, taking our photo on an old plate camera and discussing their friend Peggy Guggenheim.  It was totally out of this world and great, great fun.  I'll be counting down the days again till next year! 

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