Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Tuesday 1st August: Rinkoff Bakery

 Since writing my own guide to London, I have discovered a couple of things that I wish I could edit back in.  One of these jewels is Rinkoff Bakery in Whitechapel.  It came to my attention via Instagram that the Beigel shops in Brick Lane were selling sub-standard rainbow beigels and the original was infact from up the road.  I made a pilgrimage on the quest for the perfect spectrum swirl and found exactly that!  Their rainbow not only has more hues in the mix but it twists in a beautiful whirl rather than just being hap-hazard blobs in the bake.
BUT this is not the only exciting eye-opener!  The family business which has been running since 1911 also bakes traditional Challah breads, Sourdoughs, cheesecakes, muffins, croissants, Danish pastries and an extensive array of crodoughs (croissant / doughnut).  I went a little crazy and bought many, many things including accidentally both a pain au raisin aswell as a Chelsea bun - I LOVE raisins!  Everything was fresh, massive and the best I've had in the city.  This includes a salmon and cream-cheese beigel made to order.
I keep finding reasons to go back, so I thought I'd just share this revelation with my readers!

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