Monday, 30 October 2017

Monday 30th October: Nathalie Du Pasquier "Other Rooms" at Camden Arts Centre

Nathalie Du Pasquier "Other Rooms" at Camden Arts Centre is another excellent refreshing show since Duro Olowu's "Making & Unmaking" last year.  With a link of similar aesthetic appreciation, this latest show is from a founding member of the Italian design collective Memphis.  It's very exciting to have the chance to see the world from the perspective of someone originally involved in the movement that has inspired so much in the present day.  
For this one-off show Nathalie has taken her graphic shapes from still life, away from the canvas and blown up to large scale covering the walls of the gallery.  The patterns are reminiscent of building blocks which she has used to subvert architectural forms within the interior space.  It's an immersive landscape of shape, line, optical trickery and block colour with a sprinkling of sculpture and illustration.  The ceramic totems here are seven new works, one for each day of the week.  The new series of drawings were also made daily throughout the summer, displayed against the backdrop of this excellent wallpaper!

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