Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Tuesday 24th October: My GRASSROOTS COLOUR SPECTRUM installation for Good Life London at Ace Hotel

Yellow =  Wisdom, power, energetic, optimistic
STOCKWELL GOOD NEIGHBOURS: companionship and help for the elderly

Orange = Sexuality, creative, extroverted, cheerful
MOSAIC LBGTQ: Youth Centre: supporting, educating and bringing together LGBTQ+ young people

RED = Trust, passionate, enthusiastic
THE LOSS FOUNDATION: offering support and counselling to those who have lost loved ones to cancer

Magenta = Love, kindness, emotional
CROSSROADS WOMEN’S CENTRE: bringing together women of all ages and communities to learn from and support each other.

Purple = Spirituality, magical & mystical
OURMALA: supporting refugees through yoga and practical help

Blue = Awareness, calm & peaceful
GODWIN LAWSON FOUNDATION: tackling knife, gun and gang crime

Turquoise = Communication, clarifying, harmonious, faithful
THE REASONS WHY FOUNDATION: behavioural change support for ex-offenders

Green = Healing, stabilizing, regenerating
RHYTHMS OF LIFE: feeding and supporting London’s rough sleepers

Good Life London asked me to represent their work with Grassroots charities in London via the Window Box Gallery at The Ace Hotel.   I investigated the eight charities that Good Life London supports and asked each for a personal story as a real example to explain their unique work.  I've created sculptures of the subjects name and ordered them chromatically relating to themes associated with those colours.  
I hope that the bright colours will attract people passing and then secondly draw their attention closer connecting to the names to have a closer look.  Each personal account from the organisation's service users are told over on the Good Life London site.  Here is the one that resonated most to me for the immediate appreciation of how the work can have such a profound impact on it's beneficiaries.  By reading this you'll understand that if these groups didn't exist, so many vulnerable people would slip the net and be without any support;

"Mr Levi Hamilton has been attending Stockwell Good Neighbours since it commenced 44 years ago: 
"The club has supported me through the death of my wife and my failing eyesight and prostate cancer, I love coming each Monday and seeing my friends and playing Dominoes." 
Stockwell Good Neighbours celebrated Mr Hamilton’s 100th birthday on the 2nd October with a special guest visit from the high commissioner of the Jamaican embassy."
Lesley Allen, SGN manager

Discovering what lies beneath a surface expectation is an idea that I explored in the making of the props.  Each polyhedron has an interior structure of iridescent sides so that if you peer thru the window panels you can see holographic spectrums appear.  It might not look much on the outside, but its cosmic at its core.  I wanted this to be a subconscious reaction in viewing the pieces and offer further investigation for people to look up each story.

The windows are on display to view until November 15th with an accessories workshop on Nov 9th to not only view the work but also learn how I make my shapes ............ and enjoy a complementary drink from the Ace Hotel.  Tickets are £20 with all Proceeds from ticket sales going directly to the charities featured in the installation.  

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