Sunday 26 November 2017

Sunday 26th November: Support 3rd Rail Print Space in Peckham

Every Summer Londoners visit Peckham's derelict multi-storey carpark for the open-air sculpture park (Bold Tendencies) and city skyline view drinks destination (Franks Bar). Now the seven separate floors leading up to this rooftop cultural hub will become a year-round hive of artistic activity. For six years "Peckham Levels" will become a centre for small businesses to set up shop in affordable studios for their own practise and operate as a public resource. One of these enterprises will be London's biggest open access screen printing studio from South London's 3rdRail Print Space. This means their artists in residence can engage with the local community and visa versa. Southwark Council's ambition for the project is to transform this empty space into a new grassroots creative destination that will offer longterm opportunities for independent enterprises and local people. The overall layout will also include food stalls and refreshments, music rehearsal rooms, photography and ceramics studios. Visitors will be able to book a desk or meeting area in a co-working space, have a hair cut, take a yoga class or stay for an evening cocktail! 
All of this will be opening on the 8th December for us to have a poke around and enjoy a Hawaiian Poke bowl!  But just before we can settle down to sampling on the 3D printer or sampling Other Side Fried's chicken burgers and shakes, there are some final logistics to take care of.  Some of the facilities still need support in the finishing touches.  3RD Rail have raised enough for rent and bills but experienced a shortfall in trying to cover the refurbishment costs. With the launch fast approaching they’ve set up a Kickstarter  campaign to raise the additional £10,000 needed to make the multifaceted print studio a reality.  This means that you can pre-book sessions / services at bargain prices as rewards in exchange for backing the project.  For example they are giving away one day t-shirt printing workshops for just £50!  You'll be able to book into either a paper, fabric or garment printing class depending on your fine art or fashion application.  The equipment caters for novices and pros so anyone can have a go at trying out the process or setting up a production line.  Head over to the Kickstarter page to check out the different packages available such as purchasing limited edition artist T-Shirts or print series to discounted rent on desk and studio spaces.  All donations will be gifted with a ticket to their launch party in January where you’ll get to print your own tote bag.    

All images c/o 3RD Rail.

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