Saturday 9 December 2017

Sunday 10th December: The launch of Peckham Levels

Simon Whybray's pink staircase for Peckham's multi-storey carpark entrance to Bold Tendencies has undergone a multi-colour makeover to launch the location's new venture "Peckham Levels".  The empty shell has metamorphosed into a fully fledged seven story complex for creative arts and the community.  Here are Magda Kaggwa's photos from the opening night on Friday when the construction site first opened its doors to the public.  Check my recent post about 3rd Rail screenprinting who will be part of the residency of artists offering services and studio spaces as part of their positioning within the cooperative.  Although they are currently raising money to complete their resource, they were onsite hosting live screen-printing of SuperMundane tote bags for the private view.   Find out more about the multidisciplinary multi-plex here and back 3rd Rail on Kickstarter here.

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