Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Wednesday 25th April: "Harmonics In Space" at NOW Gallery = Origami

As part of my exhibition there is a space to take time to make origami. I have created an exclusive colourful mystic mascot to match your mood. This extra dimension to the immersive experience was included to give visitors creative space to switch off, contemplate and make. Whilst learning the lines to fold this finger puppet you can simultaneously get a taster of how I first designed the origami shapes which became the final sculptures.  Each paper sheet is colour coded with definitions to pick the hue which best describes you.  In addition to this, there are stickers to customise your cosmic creature to keep as a magic memento of your day.
Thanks to OhhDeer for the collaboration on the sticker sheets which was a dream come true as I'm still as obsessed with collecting stickers as I was when I had sticker albums as a kid!  Check out their full range here.

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