Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Wednesday 16th May: NOW Gallery - "Harmonics In Space" - The Private View

On the frosty night before the snow came, we opened the doors to "Harmonics In Space" at NOW Gallery for a private view ......... to the public.  The SwimDemCrew soundsystem were on the decks, Marawa's Majorettes spun spectrums with their neon hula hoops, "Jus' A Lickle Tast" served Vegan canapes on irrdescent polyhedral platters, and guests could take away the tote-bag I designed for the show.  Origami was being made inbetween all of this action as a taster of the calm and meditative mood the show offered in a regular daily setting.  The tactile pastel foam flooring got its first footfall of the two month stint!

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