Thursday, 21 June 2018

Thursday 21st June: "Duets" by Bruce Ingram at Bell House

From Open Garden Squares in the previous post to a site-specific solo show based on the seasons of a garden in Dulwich.  Bruce Ingram has visited Bell House throughout the year collecting discarded clippings pruned from the plants and trees of the grounds and gardens.  He has incorporated them into his sculptural work which has an ongoing interest in Ikebana which is the Japanese art of flower arranging for its play between nature and object, composition and form.  Therefore here you can see concrete, plaster and salvaged materials in the mixed media pieces with pinecones and spiky succulent leaves.  The title "Duets" sums up these pairings, partnerships and contrasts between the natural and man-made for the qualities of permanent vs. ephemeral.  
See more of Bruce Ingram's work here and see his beautiful book "Arrangements" here.

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