Sunday, 31 August 2008

Monday 1st September: Window Shopping

Shoplifter (Hrafnhildur Arnardottir) has just relaunched and updated her website which includes her most recent project at the MoMA, NYC.

I last saw her in May when she was showing at The Deitch Gallery, Long Island as part of the AVAF (Assume Vivid Astro Focus) show (middle pic). Her signature hair sculpture took on a more acid colour direction to integrate with the Neon lighting work's by Eli Sudbrack. The MoMA attended the private view and asked Eli to do in installation in the window of the restaurant "The Modern".’ Here is a detail shot of the this new work between the artists “aimez vous avec ferveur” which I have lifted from an interview with Shoppy on It is the most incredible rainbow to have graced my blog for some time! I wish I could see the real thing!

Here is a picture I took of Shoppy (and Michael Portnoy) some years ago when we were part of a show at the Palais De Tokyo, Paris.

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