Saturday, 16 August 2008

Saturday 16th August: Gold In My Hands

This is quite the best thing I have discovered in a long time so I want to share it. My friend ASi left a clip from youtube on my MySpace page and I had to investigate further..............

It is a documentary about Irene Williams who was a secretary in Miami but made all her own clothes and hats and customized her accessories to match. This outfit was made from a beach rug and you can see that she even covered shoes in the same fabric! She had over 100 hats which she started making because when she felt down it would transform her into feeling like a movie star by wearing a one. She was self taught and hastens to add that although she doesn't work from patterns, it is in the same way that Elsa Shiaperelli worked from instinct. Her sense of humour is so smart and the editing does great justice to her remarks and ideas on fashion and life. Infact my hand was over my mouth during most of the 23mins.

I have totally fallen for this character as her dressing was motivated by brightening up other people's days just like me. Her home also has a scary similarity to my own wardrobe organisation. Sadly her life ended with dementia in a nurse's home and she insisted on not being clothed at all. I hope that our similarity will not extend to this detail! But for anyone that knows me, its probably not wholey unlikely!

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Rollergirl said...

Oh man, I so want to ber when I'm seventy! (Or even now...)