Thursday, 14 August 2008

Thurs 14th August: A MAN called Shannon

The new contender to step up for the MAN show is Christopher Shannon whose last luxe collection was inspired by the shell suits and Northern styled trackies he grew up with in Liverpool. His design process is concerned with turning everyday street sportswear references into unexpected beautifully finished pieces via fabric and finishing. Here is a snippet from his current inspiration wall at his studio which has kindly been sent over for my blog.

Chris has quite a bio already so take a deep breath to learn the following:

- won scholarship onto CSM MA from Louise Wilson, the 1st in 10 years
- won the Dunhill Menswear award this year
- has collaborated with Eastpak, Nike, New Balance & Levis
- teamed up with Judy Blame on a print label for 2 seasons (some for CDG)
- MA collection currently stocked at Colette
- has assisted Kim Jones, Richard James, William Baker/Stevie Stewart for Kylie,

Chris will be showing alongside James Long and Hans Madsen at MAN which is the Fashion East Show in conjunction with Topman Design to firmly assert London menswear on the map.

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