Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sunday 28th September: Golden Phone

I have been trying to catch Micachu at one of her many recent performances after finding out about her in The Cut Magazine earlier in the summer. A very last minute decision under September sunset rays on a rooftop in Dalston, I made a dash all the way down to to New Cross for the 1 day event "Nail on The Cross". It was a whole day of art, music, stand up and film screenings across 5 venues for which I met up with ex-Goldsmiths student Vicky Langdon to see the final acts. At last, I got to witness the talent behind the ukelle, cow bell and vacuum cleaner musical chemistry. Micachu is joined on stage by "The Shapes" who accompany her with a plethora of percussion and smiles. You can see what I'm talking about in this cute little film. Humour is my elixir and I think these guys are on the same vibe..........
The other act I was chuffed to see is thecocknbullkidd who I have blogged before and can now tick off my "to see" list. The night was a strange and surprising mixed audience including the assistants of an international stylist, casting for models. I love the idea that this is the length that is gone to for street go all the way to the Amersham Arms on a Saturday night. I didn't feel quite so mad after all!

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Miss V (Stylistique) said...

i saw them play at "down the rabbit hole" - amazing!