Friday, 28 November 2008

Fri 28th November: Christmas at Comme

My studio-mate set designer Andy Hillman installed this year's christmas window at Dover Street Market early yesterday morning. So last evening we headed down to celebrate the unveiling with the annual mulled wine and Rose Bakery seasonal snacks. To walk through the door and be greeted by a life size antler adorned horse was such a nice way to arrive back to London life after my trip. Now it has left the building, headed up west and collected a few CDG trinkets along the way..........a Swarovski necklace and space raider knitted twin set..................

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JJ said...

I love all the quirky christmas displays at the moment. I took a nice stroll down oxford street the other day and loved it (cept for when being barged out the way by frantic women with 10 billion primark bags)

jen x