Friday, 28 November 2008

Fri 28th November: Jim The Illustrator

I am aware that my write-ups are typically glowing and full of superlatives which in the end may dilute particular favourites. BUT I can't help sharing so many things that I love. BUT here is one special talent that I am reassuringly touched whenever I see new work by Jim Stoten. We graduated the same year at Brighton and since we have flown the Brighon Pier nest I have enjoyed finding his signature signage popping up. And 'pop up' would be an accurate description of his style. It is a peculiarly sensitive and psychedelic dreamscape that is evidently his brain directly extruded through a felt tip nib. The mix of perfectly drafted pattern and fine line come together in bizarre and hilarious constellations of characters and narratives.

Last evening was the preview for his latest work in the group exhibition "This Tiny World" at Dream Space Gallery. I have pinched this photo from his blog where he comments about apprehension of unveiling the work. " SHUT UP" I exclaim in full-on Jerry Springer slang with obligatory hand gesture. It was just fantastic and took so long to look at! I confess that usually I chatter at private views and miss the art. But not this time. I was totally sucked in by each cosmic clash of his new venture into collage and water colour. A departure that seems the best foot forward, if it was possible to progress an already deftly disgusting prolific talent. Good on you Jim, I wish so much I could buy one for my wall. A reproduction just wouldn't do justice to the gorgeous glowing neon colour schemes. However, I would love to see them turned into scratch and sniff wall paper! The toast, strawberry, banana, ice cream cone and hot dog characters are just crying out to become multi-sensory beyond the frame and glass. Also, how about light boxes? "Stoten Stain Glass"? Add that to the online store!!!!!!!!!

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