Thursday, 22 January 2009

Thurs 22nd Jan: Handsome Prints

This morning I came across the most impressive topiary Ive witnessed outside of a stately home. The beautifully carved beast reminded me of a scary pop-up Edward Gorey book I had when I was a kid. Funnily enough I was visiting the home of another illustrator and it has brought about some exciting news to share. If you have any pennies stashed in a piggy bank, the best thing to do is follow my advice and smash the cochon open. Jim Stoten who is the next generation's answer to Alan Aldridge is currently doing a special sale of his limited edition prints. When I saw his last exhibition I had to shed a tear at the idea of buying one of his artworks was as much fantasy as the content of his surreal sketches. But no! There is a chance! This selection were originally priced at £85 each but now reduced to £30. ..........
...just go to the shop section .. This picture is for you to see what they look like framed and how you need one on your wall! Invest now, laugh later!

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