Thursday, 22 January 2009

Thurs 22nd Jan: Incoming post from illustrator/animator Morgan Lloyd who travelled from NYC to Washington for the inauguration.

Does anyone remember Uncle Travelling Mack from Fraggles Rock? I used to love it when they read out his postcards from world adventures so in a similar vein I asked Morgan to cover the happenings for my blog. He has written a detailed description of his day as a Londoner transplanted into this historical event. Instead of trying to interpret his 1st hand account, I have used his original version but edited it down (sorry Mo!).

Everyone LOVES Obama... Bush and Cheney were seriously boo'ed when they appeared on the Jumbo-tron (the big screens), that was very funny. When Obama was sworn in everyone went ape-shit, people hugging and kissing. His speech went down very well, people were crying.

We got there at 9:00am and it was rammed then and we were a mile away from the preceedings! Everyone was in a very good mood. Some people had tickets to watch the inauguration seated up-close (see photo of ticket). But the people in the purple section (25000 of them) were refused entry because somebody jumped over the barriers and security became paranoid.

I loved the crap that was being sold on the streets, (see pic of glasses). So many stalls selling the usual flags, t-shirts, posters, plastic wallets with Obamas portrait. Tyler bought a $20 watch with a face the size of a jam lid with fake diamonds encrusted all over it with Obamas face looking proud. It's very cool. Flags, american ties, socks, underwear, sportswear anything you want... all Obama!! Apparently, this was unique, Bush and Clinton never had such tacky crap in tribute to them.

Everyone went on partying afterwards. The mood was great, everyone was so chuffed to be free from Bush and doubley chuffed to have gained an inspirational leader. When we were in the restaurant getting some food after our 8hr standing in the cold, the parade was being shown on the TV's around the bar, whenever Obama was on the screen everyone would scream with pride. People who didn't know you would grab you and hug you and hold your hand while they stare you in the eyes smiling, holding back their tears. Just when he appeared on TV. When he and Michelle got out of their Limo to wave at the crowd the bar was deafening.


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