Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Weds 7th Jan: Jewellery Shapes

What an exciting surprise to find my A/W triangle necklace in V Magazine and the double whamy bonus is that is on one of my favourite new bands "Micachu & The Shapes" (http://www.myspace.com/micayomusic). I have seen Mica and her shapes (Mark & Raisa) perfrom a few times and can't wait to hear the debut album which is aptly going to be named "Jewellery". The original tracks recorded in her bedroom have been jazzed up by producer Matthew Herbert and the outcome is a pop allmagamation of sounds (grunge, hip hop, garage, grime, experimental percussion). If you haven't checked out their live performance yet, they are playing at The Barfly in Camden on Friday night.
The other band featured in V are "Telepathe" who are wearing a laminate necklace from the latest collection by RCA product designer Bethan Laura Wood. (http://www.woodlondon.co.uk/)

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