Thursday, 5 March 2009

Thurs 5th March: Transformer

One of the referee's for my application to the New Gen award was Susie Bubble who has been a constant support and championer of my career. She dropped by the exhibition for our film presentation and took the opportunity to film Craig and I for her video wall on Dazed At each fashion week she is asking designers what they would like to transform into for a montage of soundbites from each city. As we are all tired and stressed the varying answers are quite surreal and funny. The most amusing from London is predictably Peter Jensen who single handledly never fails to CRACK ME UP! The other thing that made me laugh is Craig who says that he would like to be a cake because they are sweet. On that day I remember he was particularly over-tired and distracted with organising his film and runway show which were in a few hours of each other. His conversation consisted mostly of single word responses being "Sweet". That word even managed to get into this quote too but most probably totally subconsciously! Bless! Sweet!

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