Monday 17 August 2009

Mon 17th Aug: WAH! Nails

I took my raffle ticket for the WAH! Nail bar at the Diesel event last week but didn't get to sit for a session as it was so over-subscribed with excitable customers..........ladies and the gents! So I took time out at lunch today to head down to the WAH! HQ to get a proper look at what's going on with the new venture and as it turns out, I'm pleased it worked out that way. I got a one-on-one manicure from the charming Sharma herself and learnt that the current nail trend is surprisingly one flat plain colour. C'mon London - BORING! Although I didn't have much time I went for some sparkle and shine to inspire my sequining for the day. I also learnt about Sophy Robson who is London's nail impresario. Where have I been? I thought it was Marian Newman and that's it, so its great to have made this discovery (albeit 5 years too late!).........check out her site and blog..........the main page is a rainbow manicure!
For me WAH! stands for "Where Actually Have you been?" but for those in the know it originally stands for "We Aint Ho's". The brainchild of beautiful Sharmadean Reid who has also worked as Sportswear Editor at Arena Homme + and consults for Nike, Adidas and Levis. Sharma started out as one of Nicola Formichetti's first assistants and after branching off to shoot her own stories and set up WAH! magazine, the nail bar is the current project consuming her creative output. You can visit the fun filled shop in Dalston to get your nails updated or purchase additions for your wardrobe as they stock T-shirts and accessories. There's also a rack of original 90's magazines to paw through whilst you wait to get your nails nailed!

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Loving her work - what an inspiration. Thanks for the pics - haven't made it down to the shop/salon...yet!
PS, yes Sophy Robson is ON IT, I'm following her on Twitter...