Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sat 22nd Aug: Chrissie Abbotts for Little Boots

Always on the eye out for a goody bag at a party.............and this one was a real winner! A limited edition print by Little Boots graphic designer Chrissie Abbotts. Last time I wrote about Chrissie's exhibition I linked it to the upcoming talk that she will be giving as part of the scheme set up ItsNiceThat. My intention was to lurk in the back row and heckle her with suggestive obscene faces in a truly professional and mature manner. What else is a friend to do? As it turns out, she has secured that this won't happen by switching it and inviting me to be one of her guest speakers. Crumbs! Cripees! So now everyone else is under strict instruction to not go! Please no!
But I can't stop you wanting to see Chrissie or Danny Sangra so come if you want...........just leave before mine which is the last talk........I would much prefer to uncontrollably gesticulate to an empty room if preferable........

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