Thursday, 13 August 2009

Thurs 13th August: Kim Howells Vs. Skin

Stylist Kim Howells has just got her own studio! She's gradually moving in and has so far managed to sprawl into the majority of the space and take over her studio-mate's rails. But luckily for her she shares with the sweet-natured, sweet-sounding songstress Skin who is happy to leave Kim to her own devices. I wouldn't mind coming into work everyday to be greated by the ray of sunshine that is Miss.Howells....... seen here atop her bicycle wearing a Craig Lawerence pompom piece she commissioned for Skin. Here are also the pieces she commissioned from me for the same album cover shoot. Kim has very persuasive powers................I NEVER work with black............but I'm pleased I gave it whirl for this as its gone down so well with the client! A whole bank holiday weekend locked in my studio was worth every minute. Kim's new website will be hitting the web shortly so more details to follow..............

Skunk Anansie are about to release their 2nd single from the new album which is on video exclusive to Kerrang this Skin wears a NOKI crochet original......FIERCE!

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